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Christmas Gift Ideas For the Man in Your Life

With the Christmas Season fast approaching, buying for men can seem like a difficult task. He has a thousand character ties and enough fishing lures to fish for the rest of his life, twice. Or you are completely unsure because you are just getting to know him (first Christmas together).
It’s not as hard as you might think. Below are a couple of ideas for each man in your life with products from Hardwick and Co. in Cleveland Tn. Stop by, mention the post and get 15% off!

1. SEC Key Fobs
You can pick his favorite team or force him to wear yours! Something simple and awesome that he will actually use!

2. Awesome Tees
High Cotton, Coast, Over Under. Long-Sleeve, Short-Sleeve. We have some tees. The best part is that the aren’t just stylish, they are super comfortable (all 100% cotton).

3. Belt and Wallet Gift Set
This is the perfect gift that reminds him dress up once and a while. Plus it comes in a nice box so he can keep it nice and safe from dust and sunlight but he’ll be wearing it so much that won’t be a problem!

4. Cologne
Something more traditional but can he every really have enough things to make him smell good? This one smells spicy and arthy but we have tons of others as well.

5. Sweaters
The Christmas season is also one of the coldest times in the year. Help him cozy up with a sweater. they aren’t for old men anymore! We have options that are great for any age.

This gift giving season doesn’t have to be stressful. You can give him a gift he will love and actually use. Don’t forget to stop in and get 15% off!

While writing this I was listening to Harry Connick, Jr.’s Christmas album and drinking hot tea; I don’t think it gets much better than this (until Christmas Day, of course).

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