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Wood Cotton T-Shirts

Wood Cotton T-Shirts

This body fit, crew undershirt feels and looks amazing.
This fabric will turn you away from anything else.
Won’t bind under your outerwear, longer tail for easy tuck in. But hey, you don’t have to – it’s just a great blank.
Super soft – Lenzing Modal (spun from beech tree cellulose) blend. This fabric blend is ultra-comfortable.
Has some wicking properties.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Admit it: you heard “Wood” & started to rif. Right? We wanted a name to have fun & grow with. Being outdoor people, a link with beach, ocean & snow sports was natural. It embodies our brand: fun, keep-it-real, aspiration to push further no matter your sport, level or age. It’s also about fashion, or our slightly irreverent take on it.

    We want to get every man into a great pair of underwear that he can feel and look fabulous in….and feel great about the price as well. Underwear is an afterthought for many men, or you never think about it at all. You should. The clothes you wear will feel that much better if you have the right underwear. AND, whoever has to look at you in them will thank you too.